October 31, 2011

2011 Sales Management Association Sales Productivity and Performance Management Conference

Bob Kelly and the team at the Sales Management Association put together a great event in Atlanta recently.  The agenda was filled with many experts including academics, practitioners and vendors.   Most of the attendees were from sales operations and the people I talked to were happy that there were many sessions targeted specifically for them.  Some of the topics covered included Inside the Sales2.0 Organization, Predictive Analytics for Sales leaders and Technology’s impact on Sales Management Practice.

Andris Zoltners,  the ‘Z’ in ZS associates opened Day 1 with a presentation on the importance and impact of Sales Management on sales productivity.   Day two saw Barry Trailer from CSO Insights and Mark Selcow President of Merced, present a keynote comparing improving sales force productivity to the new Brad Pitt movie Moneyball.  Joe Galvin, former Gartner and Sirius Decisions analyst seemed to be moderating, participating and generally adding value to most of the sessions that I attended.  With his history and rich background in sales effectiveness I always find that Joe provides some great insights.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to present on the ROI of Sales Performance Management solutions with Justin Lane of OpenSymmetry and Rebecca Sandberg of Elavon.  Justin has such a broad base of experience implementing SPM solutions that he had a lot to contribute.  Rebecca shared her experiences at Elavon, a global credit card processing organization and gave advice on implementing an incentive compensation management solution in a global financial services organizations. 

While this was the inaugural Sales Productivity and Performance Management conference,   I certainly hope it was just the first in a long line of successful conferences hosted by the Sales Management Association.

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