July 2, 2011

New Quota Management Survey

I wanted to alert you to an interesting new study focused on quota processes and programs being conducted by the team over at BetterSalesComp.   This is timely study as companies have struggled setting quotas with the current uncertainties in the economic climate added to the fact that no one ever feels they do quotas all that well.  The results will provide some much needed insight into Quota Management processes.

This cross industry survey only takes about 15 minutes to fill out, and in return for your contribution BSC will provide all participants a copy of the results. 

The study will focus on:
  • how organization go about setting quotas, who owns it, what systems and data sources are employed, and what methodology is being used
  • quota changes and whether the economy has impacted this facet of quota programs
  • gauging overall effectiveness of quota programs and perceptions from both the field and sales management
The BSC team will also leverage their years of experience to provide some expert opinion and guidance based on the results of the survey.   I encourage you to participate. Just follow this link - http://bettersalescomp.quota-study.sgizmo.com