August 14, 2011

New Presentation for Spotlight on Sales Compensation in Chicago

I have been asked to present on Keys to Success when implementing a Sales Performance Management System at the upcoming WorldatWork Spotlight on Sales Compensation in Chicago (August 24-26).  I have been fortunate that over the years I have met a lot of very successful people who have done just that.  I have collected a lot of their advice and rolled it into a top 10 list.   For WorldatWork’s conference this year I will be joined by Vivian Adashek who will be talking about their implementation at Manpower.  She is a joy to work with, and brings some great experiences and practical advice for any new project manager.  Anyone starting on the SPM journey will be well served by listening to what Vivian has to say.

Specifically, we’ll be covering issues such as:

  • Ensuring all functional areas are aligned to the same goals
  • Key considerations for reporting
  • Things to consider for testing, history tracking and data integration
  • Role of Information Technology groups

Please comment or share this post. If you have advice for new project managers please share them, and I will continue to add to the list and make it available.  If you have questions feel free to post them as well and we will try to help.

If you’re attending WorldatWork’s Spotlight on Sales Compensation conference, please visit us at exhibit #7 and attend our workshop (Workshop Code: C15TH4) on Thursday, August 25that 4:15pm.

Contact Paul Peters at 647.260.1556 or to set up a meeting while we’re there. We value your feedback and insights.

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