May 24, 2011

Spotlight on Compensation – Avoid the Risk of Being Disappointed

Last year WorldatWork hosted their first conference dedicated to the topic of sales compensation.   Located in Chicago the Spotlight on Sales Compensation was well attended and a terrific event.  The conference provided a unique opportunity to hear from leading experts on sales compensation, including Jerry Coletti, Mary Fiss, Dave Cichelli and Ted Briggs.  The conference also included presentations and opportunities to meet and share ideas with practitioners and industry consultants.   The only problem that I witnessed was that there was much more demand to attend than there was capacity for people to attend.  (Please note that I do not work for, nor am I paid by WorldatWork, nor do I have any formal relationship with them.  I am just a fan of this type of dedicated event.) 

This year, even with an even bigger venue there is a good chance that this is going to be another sell-out event and people will be turned away again.   If you are thinking of attending - register quickly and avoid being disappointed.  I know you have all heard this type of hype before and generally treat this as ‘marketing hype’ but in last year’s case there were many disappointed people who turned away.

I have often lamented to industry associations and conference organizers that there are not enough focused events where specialists focused on sales compensation can gather and share best practices, hear from experts and share ideas with their peers.  WorldatWork has done a great job of putting together the Spotlight on Sales Compensation, but based on the attendance it would appear that there is a lot more interest in topic and practitioners are not being served adequately.  

There is a lot of demand out their for timely, relevant, quality content on Sales Compensation.  Don’t miss the Spotlight on Compensation event this year.  It will be a while until there is another chance.  

To find out more about the conference follow this link

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